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Northwest Orthotics and Prosthetics

Orthotics in Utah County

Most of the braces listed below come off-the-shelf and/or custom-made. For the orthosis best suited to your needs, please contact one of our offices.

Our goal is to improve ability and gait using the least restrictive method possible; to equip our patients to lead highly active lives, always aided and never held back by their devices. No matter the cause, we work creatively and tirelessly to create the optimal solution for each patient to thrive.

Lower Limb

  • Knee, Ankle, Foot Orthosis (KAFO)
    • Metal
    • Plastic
    • Carbon Fiber
  • Ankle, Foot Orthosis
    • Articulated
    • Solid Ankle
    • Metal
    • Plastic
    • Carbon Fiber
    • Arizona Style


  • Foot Orthotics
    • Custom Molded
    • Prefabricated
    • UCBL's


  • Halo Systems
  • S.O.M.I
  • Semi-Rigid Collar
  • Soft Collar

Spinal Orthosis

  • Custom TLSO’S and LSO’S
  • Prefabricated TLSO’S and LSO’S
  • Hyperextension Braces

Scoliosis Jackets

  • Custom Braces
  • Boston Braces
  • Spinal Technologies Providence Brace





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