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As a result of pediatricians encouraging parents to sleep their babies on their backs to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS); babies are developing asymmetrically shaped heads. There are three primary shapes for these deformities; Plagiocephaly (the most common distorted to resemble a parallelogram) Scaphocephaly (very long and narrow), and Brachycephaly (very short and wide). At Northwest Orthotics and Prosthetics we use the Omega scanner to capture an image of the baby's asymmetrical head. The image is then sent to Orthomerica for the fabrication of the orthosis. The helmets, scanner, and the entire protocol are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.

What is the STARband?

The STARband is a custom-molded orthosis designed for infants with abnormal head shapes. The orthotic treatment program focuses on redirecting cranial growth towards greater symmetry and proportion.

This extremely effective, proven technology is unique compared to other methods because it allows each helmet to be adjusted over time and grow with the baby, using only ONE helmet for the entirety of treatment. This creates a huge cost-savings for families, and optimal convenience since adjustments take place quickly in our lab during follow-up office visits.

Evaluations for a Cranial Remolding Orthosis (Helmet)

The initial visit requires a prescription from a physician and includes an evaluation, brief history, and discussion about the treatment process. The orthotist will measure the infant's head to determine the degree of abnormality. The next step is to obtain authorization from insurance. Once authorization is obtained the scanning appointment will be set. The scan replaces the casting process and is sent electronically to Orthomerica for the fabrication of the orthosis.

Diagram of child head shapes

Treatment Process

Approximately 2 weeks after the scan, the orthosis will be ready for fitting and delivery. The orthotist will determine final trim lines, answer any questions, and provide instructions for wearing time. Continued care will involve follow up visits at 1-4 week intervals throughout the duration of the treatment. On average, treatment takes approximately 8-16 weeks for infants between 4-7 months old. Older infants may require a longer treatment time as head growth slows with age.

You can stylize your child's helmet with a fun transfer pattern that matches your child's interests. Download the complete pattern guide below.

Star Band Transfer Pattern Guide


Cranial remolding orthoses are considered durable medical equipment (DME) by most insurance plans. We will be happy to check with your insurance company to determine whether your policy includes this coverage. There is no charge for the initial evaluation. If your policy does not cover cranial remolding orthoses, you may want to discuss payment options during your initial visit. Please call 801-377-3433 with any questions or concerns.






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